How It Works!!

Each device has an internal battery that can last up to 5 days depending on use
it also comes with a USB car adapter for easy charging.
There is also a harness included for those who want to install it permanently

Where do I start!!

As easy as 1,2,3

1) You Purchase the device
2) Insert your own "Pay As You Go" SIM card
3) Start driving!!

Simply logon and see your live tracking, logbook and trip replay history all in one
You can then download various reports, including a "SARS format" daily logbook.

Demo Login

Here is a demo account you can log into and play around with to see how it works
User name: Onlinelogbook
Password: Onlinelogbook Login Here!

DIY Tracking

Web Based Platform

No annoying software installations & updates for you.
We frequently add new features and enhancements that are immediately available to you.

Easy access

Easy access from anywhere in the world from any smart phone, tablet or PC.

User friendly platform

Self-explanatory system & easy to navigate.

Track anything 24/7

Know where your spouse, children, elderlies or other assets such as bicycles, motor cycles & vehicles in real time.


Web Based Platform

Easy access to view all your vehicles from your Laptop, I-pad, Smart phone etc, 24 hours 365 days

Logbook With Live tracking

Simply click on the map to show your tracking units moving real-time on the map

You can download the logbook as per SARS required format for any period. Edit, add, remove, or change any entries as required.


There are a few reports you can download, for example: summary, detailed, monthly, SARS logbook, etc. this shows your distances and time traveled, your fastest speed, fuel consumption, Services, repairs etc.


Here are a few screen captured images for you to see and get a visual idea of how it works

The Tracking Kit

Small and compact

The USB Car Adapter

for your convenience

The optional Harness

If you want to install permanently

Daily Logbook

Showing all the trips for the day
Distance, Odometer, Maximum speed,

Customize your own

Add Fuel and maintenance costs, etc.

Go to Live tracking

Just click on the last trip map

Go to Live Tracking

See as your device progresses on the map

Speed indication

See the speed traveling by colors


Select your date range and report

Summary Report

All the details on one page

SARS Daily Report

This report format is as SARS requires

What will it cost?

The unit cost only R2450.00 incl VAT once off for each device
License fee of R245.00 per year for the web access
Your own "Pay as you go" SIM card for each device will cost you around R12.00 for DATA each month

To order.... symply contact us below and we will send you a quotation with all the details you need

Get in Touch

Please contact us if you have any questions

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